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Two year old children are full of vitality and an innate sense of curiosity striving to navigate the world developing around them. They have a desire for increased independence and are in a constant state of exploration that makes them…the terrific twos they are!

Our focus is upon developing the entire child in an effort to support and reinforce a balanced independence through invigorating age appropriate activities. Engaging your two year olds’ curiosity is just part of our staff’s highly focused mission of meeting key milestones simultaneously to positive reinforcement and individualized attention, in safe and inviting learning centers that stimulate and motivate each child.

This program will incorporate age appropriate themes and activities to enhance healthy social-emotional development and language skills. An environment geared toward hands on learning where children enjoy learning and developing new skills in a loving, enriching environment that engages each child’s individual interests. Class size is limited.

  • Support & fortify a balanced independence
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Individualized attention
Age Group: Toddlers
Class size: 12 children
Teacher Student Ratio: 1:5
Session: 9 am – 12 pm, Extended hours available between 7am-9am and 12pm-6pm
Day Options: 2-Day: Tuesday/Thursday
3-Day: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
5-Day: Monday-Friday

*All payments/agreements follow The Mission Church Academy Tuition Agreement & Policy; therefore, are expected the first of each month for all programs.

  • $225.00 Registration fee for all programs toward which they apply.
  • All programs follow continual late pick up penalties which could result in charges of $25.00 or more.
  • Sibling Discount on base tuition: 10% for second child; 15% for third child; 20% for fourth child.
  • 10% Church Member Discount on base tuition.

Tuition Payments

  • All tuition payments whether made by check, online at, or cash must be personally given to the administrator at the front desk or paid online.
  • Please do not send any form of money in your child’s backpacks/folder/ or in your child’s possession at any time, as The Mission Church Academy is not responsible for lost or unfound money of this sort.
  • A completed Registration Form
  • A completed Tuition Agreement Form & Policy
  • Registration and Deposit Fees
  • A completed copy of your child’s most recent Physical Form from Your Child’s Doctor. (stamped & signed)
  • A completed copy of your child’s most recent Immunization Form. (stamped & signed)