TMC Academy

TMC Academy Enrollment Process


Submit a completed Enrollment Application along with a NON-REFUNDABLE enrollment fee of $250 first child and $165 children thereafter. (PLEASE NOTE: The Academy has additional NON-REFUNDABLE Book, Supply, & Snack fees: Progressive Bridge-K Program: $325.00; All Other Programs: $100.00

Before & After Care Time: $12.50 per hour


You will receive an email confirming we have received your child’s enrollment application & remaining documents needed to complete registration.


You will need to turn in the following required forms for your child prior to their first day of school.

State Law requires the following to be on file:

  1. Completed TMC Academy Registration Form
  2. Medical Examination Report signed & stamped by your child’s physician.
  3. A copy of your child’s Immunization History
    All children must be vaccinated or at least have begun the vaccination process unless they have a medical reason explaining why they are exempt. The state will no longer accept exemptions for religious purposes.
  4. A signed copy of the Parent-Student Handbook Responsibility Form
  5. A signed copy of the Parent Tuition Agreement Policy
  6. A completed and signed Daycare Enrollment Form


Your first month’s tuition is due by August 1st. Your first month’s tuition is due by the first day of class if your child is starting in June.

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